Help us to design a great skate product :)

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Help us to design a great skate product :)

Beitragvon mennok » 02 Dez 2015 12:18

Hello dear visitors of the speedskating forum,

We are a small company crazy about designing revolutionairy sports items... for this I need your experts help. It's much appreciated!

I was wondering what is the maximum (legal) frame width of speed skates? (regardless of wheel dia)
I imagine that slightly wider frames are stronger? So what is the widest frame on the market?

I checked a Powerslide Vision and it tapers out by over 4mm above the wheel axis; measuring as much as 44mm.
Are there any even wider frames? I know the Cadomodus Dual Box is something like 42 and extra stiff because of the double box structure.

Any others that use width as a unique feature? or does anyone know the max legal width?
Would be great to hear from you experts!

Kind regards,
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